This is an e-vent by ‘Simmer’, the 2020 Fine Art graduates of the University of Leeds

Opening text by Erin Shields

Icon design by Olivia Savage

Simmer logo by Emily Hoey

Backdrops by Gemma Jones, Lily Thomson and Sophie Blackmore

Website by Lily Thomson, supported by Gemma Jones, Dan Cole, Grace Benita, Sarah Larby and Olivia Savage

With thanks to the advertising team, curation team, fundraising team, and treasurers

To see more about the artists involved visit:

We would also like to thank all of our tutors and technical staff at the School of Fine Art, History of Art & Cultural Studies, University of Leeds for their support and teaching over the years.

This isn’t a subsitute for a degree show, and it shouldn’t be a template for the new normal.
But it is a show.
It’s something new, and we look forward to seeing arts education shift in the wake of the collaborative efforts of students.
This is ours, and we’re proud of it.