This is an e-vent by Simmer, the final year BA Fine Art Students at the University of Leeds 2020.
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If the world is resting in a state of balance then it is our duty to push, pull, displace, eject, and break with what is certain. Why fear what is beyond our current state? Yes, we are safe here, but we are silenced. Increase the pressure, the stress, the tension. Insist on its overwhelming momentum and drive away from the calm. Creativity is never-ending. Artistic intention remains boundless. Agitation, unrest, anarchy, confusion, crisis, and rebellion are all intrinsic in the search for what is limitless. We, as creatives, cannot drown out the noise. The thrill of the encounter energises us. The chaos of the event. The disorder of our thoughts. We bubble gently but the intensity builds, and we can never be finished. We explode as we reach the surface. Detonate. Erupt. Then we are dragged below. Buried beneath the fragments of thought, we become magnetised. Rise again. Let the debris take hold of you. Keep erupting. Energised we push forwards. Each new confrontation is electrifying. Each crisis motivates. We must continue to search, negotiate, scrutinise, investigate, and examine what is in-front of us, what is behind us and what is beyond us. Momentum is incessant. Cultivate it. Let it breathe, stretch-out, ignite, shatter and simmer.